1,75%: Our fair commission!

A first class service at the fairest price on the market

Our fees include a complete brokering service, accompanying you from appraisal to sale before a notary

Personal expert on-site

24/7 stats and tracking of your sale

HD photos, 3D tour, VR tour

High-quality ad, up-to-date floor plans

20 German and 5 international real estate portals

Buyer management & viewings

Experienced real estate experts negotiate for you

Support in the purchase process until the notary meeting

Appraise for free online

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Typical Real Estate agents

Commission 3.57 % incl. VAT


12.495 €

Commission 1,75 %

6.125 €

6.370 €

saved with Neho

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We eliminate many unnecessary costs: no more well-established offices, luxury cars and paper-based processes. Optimized use of new technologies also considerably increases our efficiency. This allows us to offer an extremely competitive price, and to focus on the essential: the search for the future buyer of your property.

Our local agents all have several years of experience in
real estate, whether it is as a freelancer or as an employee of a so-called "traditional" agency. They joined Neho, convinced that our model was the future of a business that needed to evolve. These experienced, competent and honest professionals are the ones who guarantee the high quality service offered at Neho.

Thanks to our low commission, the buyer can put the difference from a standard commission directly into a higher property purchase price. As a net result, the seller’s commission is compensated and neutralised.

For most owners, selling their property at a high price is the number one expectation. With this in mind, we at Neho have developed a unique strategy based on five fundamentals to meet this requirement:

  • An expert valuation of your property by our experienced agents taking advantage of their knowledge and all the tools available on the market.
  • Maximum visibility of your property through a wide-reaching advertising campaign on all relevant real estate portals.
  • An efficient and well-structured sales process allowing for a competitive tendering of potential buyers.
  • Personalised support provided by a professional and experienced team on a daily basis. 
  • And, last but not least, the low Neho commission for the buyer which leaves more of his budget for the actual property price.

Neho's mission is to sell property at the lowest possible commission: only 3,5% compared to 7.14% for traditional agencies. 

As we can charge 50% of our commission to the buyer and still fulfil legal requirements, we split the costs in two and our commission amounts to only 1,75% for both parties: the best offer of the market for buyers and sellers.

Should the situation occur that the buyers’ demand at the moment of the sale is below the expected price level, your Neho agent will agree with you on potential modifications of the sales approach. In the unlikely case that even then no offers at asking price can be obtained, we will decrease the price until we gain traction on the market. In this situation, we can again apply our initial strategy and as a seller you can be certain to obtain the highest possible price for the perhaps most competitive commission in the market of only 1.75%

The Neho offer at what is likely the most competitive commission in the market at only 1,75% includes all essential brokerage services for the seller, from the estimate on site to the conclusion of the sale in front of a notary. Our efficient, fully digitalised process assists your Neho agent in delivering this service to you. 

In order to be efficient and enable such a low commission for you, all activities are cut out which are not absolutely necessary for a successful sale. For example, your Neho agent won’t need to be on site at every visit to your property. He and his team will arrange the viewings and carefully preselect the potential buyers with you before any visit to your property. At all times, you are kept informed about every step via the Neho platform to which you have 24/7 access. 

Of course, your Neho agent can be at your side during the viewing appointments if you so wish. In this case we would add a small service fee of 199€ per viewing, which only is due upon a successful sale of your property in front of a notary.

Neho provides you as the seller with a full-service brokerage offering. Your local Neho agent will deliver a professional estimation of your property, taking all relevant market information and development aspects into account. For this purpose, he is backed up by a wealth of data sources, which he can digitally access when doing the evaluation. He will decide with you on a sales strategy and initiate the professional marketing of your property for sale. This includes professional 3-D images of your property and an advertising campaign on the most relevant platforms in the market. Your Neho agent and his team will arrange the viewing and carefully preselect the potential buyers with you before any visit to your property. He will negotiate the best achievable price on your behalf and will assist you to prepare the final steps in front of the notary. Throughout the entire process, you have full transparency and control of all information via your personal account on the Neho platform, accessible at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Neho has convinced and successfully served more than 3,200 customers internationally since 2018.

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Photo of the real estate agent: Jens Grimm
Photo of the real estate agent: Thilo Krämer
Photo of the real estate agent: Ralf Strohmaier
Photo of the real estate agent: David Diamant
Photo of the real estate agent: Cyril Bondarev

Benefit from a 15-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Free and without obligation.
Reservation online.

Benefit from a 15-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Free and without obligation.
Reservation online.

Selling with Neho in a few steps


Estimate your property

We offer you a detailed on-site valuation of your property - free of charge and without commitment. Thus you can convince yourself of the quality and professionalism of our work at no risk. The valuation is both based on an analysis of current market dynamics and on a hedonic analysis, which is the standard of most of the major banks. The latter is based on data from past transactions of equivalent properties. You will receive the detailed valuation report within approximately 2 working days after the on-site valuation.


Presentation of your property

First impressions matter. From the very beginning, your real estate agent will analyse your property, compare it with the market and recommend the best way to present and promote it. He also advises and guides you during the preparations for the shooting of the images and the virtual tour. We take great care about the quality of the images by using professional photographers with appropriately powerful equipment. After all, it is the first thing potential buyers will see. The high-resolution images and the virtual tour allow potential buyers to be completely immersed in the rooms and get a first impression of the property, thus avoiding unnecessary visits.


Creating your property listing

Once all the necessary documents for the sale are in place, we create a complete sales presentation for your property: sales brochure, up-to-date floor plans, descriptions, pictures and virtual tour. The advertisement and related documents will be submitted for your approval within 1 to 2 working days. Our experts are also happy to advise you on any repair or renovation work that may be necessary, which might create additional value in the sale.


Publication on all major real estate portals

From the beginning Neho successfully used real estate portals to advertise its properties. These include major players like Immoscout or Immowelt and a number of smaller and regional players, depending of the specific situation of the property. Communication on social networks can complete the list of marketing measures.


Buyer management

No matter which option you choose regarding the visits of your property - you can either do it yourself or delegate it to us - we proactively manage all interactions with interested parties: Answering queries, submitting documents, gathering feedback and follow-up. At the same time, we always make sure to separate the curious from the interested.


Offer management

Your dedicated estate agent will strive to foster competition between potential buyers and negotiate each offer to achieve the best possible sale price for you. In our experience, 80% of the interactions on our platform take place outside business hours. For this reason, our online platform can be accessed around the clock. Through your profile, you can see the number of views, the offers received, etc. and keep track of the latest updates - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to the direct access to necessary information regarding the sale of your property, you can make informed decisions.


Legal and fiscal support

The sales context can vary greatly from property to property. Whether tax optimisation, divorce, inheritance or change of residence - we provide you with competent and personal advice in order to best respond to your individual situation and the goals set. Our in-house team of specialists can also answer questions on cantonal legislation, property rights or taxes, such as property gains tax.


Signing of contract

Naturally, your local real estate agent will accompany you during the entire process and advise you up until the signing of the purchase contract in front of a certified notary.


Transparent online access — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The online platform will allow you to access all the documents related to the sale of your property, contact your agent and follow the progress of the sale process.

Statistical follow-up
of your sale

Exchange interface
with your agent

Feedbacks and management
of buyers

Simplified document

Our local experts are looking forward to meeting you!

Photo of the real estate agent: Jens Grimm
Photo of the real estate agent: Thilo Krämer
Photo of the real estate agent: Ralf Strohmaier
Photo of the real estate agent: David Diamant
Photo of the real estate agent: Cyril Bondarev

Each of our experts has many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of their region of activity.

In direct contact with our internal specialists and supported by our digital platform, our agents can devote themselves fully to the sale of your property.

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