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Frequently asked questions

When making a first purchase, several aspects should be kept in mind to ensure that this step goes smoothly.

We advise you to: 

  • Define your wishes and search criteria;
  • Anticipate your financing and check your maximum purchase price with a financing calculator; 
  • Pay attention to all the documents provided concerning the property that interests you.

This is a non-exhaustive list. Our team is obviously at your disposal for all your questions concerning your real estate purchase.

We have re-evaluated the entire sales process, reduced unnecessary costs, and equipped our agents with modern and efficient tools. The expertise of our local agents, combined with the use of new technologies, leads to a significant increase in efficiency. Your benefit: the same service at a lower cost. 

Our local agents all have several years of experience in
real estate, whether it is as a freelancer or as an employee of a so-called "traditional" agency. They joined Neho, convinced that our model was the future of a business that needed to evolve. These experienced, competent and honest professionals are the ones who guarantee the high quality service offered at Neho.

It is because we fight to get a high price for the properties we sell, that our customers give us the best ratings. Neho is an agency that is growing rapidly through positive evaluations and the use of word of mouth that results from our clients' satisfaction. This is why we will do everything to sell your property at the best price. We hope that also you will give us an excellent evaluation!

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Contact your local team

We are available to answer all your questions, advise you and support you in your sale.